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Welcome to the LEMD University. Each couple of weeks we will be featuring a new topic in our areas of brakes, suspension and "the car driver interface." If there's a subject you'd like us to cover, click here and send us an e-mail with your request. info@lemd.com


Bedding performance brake pads

We offer the following guidelines to those who purchase new Wilwood brake pads:

Accelerate to approximately 60 mph, then brake moderately, to decelerate to 30-40 mph.

Repeat 3-4 times.

Accelerate to 80, then brake to decelerate to 20.

Repeat a couple of times.

Then, if the pads are feeling slick, take it up to 100 or so and brake hard -- not to the lock-up limit, but close.

Drive around without using your brakes AT ALL, until they have had enough time to cool completely.

In general these pads will take longer to warm up and will be grabby in the wet; but when they're hot, they're hot. The braking characteristics of the car will be very different.

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Bedding performance brake pads

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