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How do we select the products we sell?
Leading Edge Motorsport is committed to identifying leading edge products and technology and to making them available to racers and others looking for aftermarket solutions to track and street performance problems. The products detailed reflect the best available solutions to their applications. Leading Edge continues to work with our suppliers doing real-world R&D to ensure that the products we offer do what they're supposed to do. As an engineering-based operations we are proud of the evolutionary role we play in helping our suppliers bring the products you need to market.

What is this "damper" thing you keep talking about?
"Shocks" do not absorb shocks; springs do. Shocks control the rate of response of the springs. They DAMP the response of the springs; which is why they are more accurately named dampers.

What is the most common mistake you see in suspension set-up?
"Too much spring; not enough shock." What I hear most often is "My car rolls too much. I need more spring." In actuality, the dampers on the car cannot control the springs properly; so the weight transfer response is too rapid, causing a lurching/wallowing feel. This problem really gets out of hand with stabilizer (sway) bars. The fabulous and silly claims made for sway bars leave me wondering where people get these ideas and they drive me nuts! Sway bars are springs. They add spring rate to the loaded corner when the car rolls, and only when it rolls. The basic idea -- and I stress basic -- is to allow the car to roll as much as possible and control that roll rate with correct damping rates. Yes, this does get to be complicated and very involved.

Do you stock a full line of shocks and springs?
Hey guys ... Shocks/dampers run the spectrum from non-adjustable, non-anything, steel body twin-tube to remote canister 6-way adjustable, aluminum body, titanium shock rod, high-pressure mono-tube units. Prices vary from $29.95 to 1200 bucks per unit ... or more. And if you think there are a lot of dampers out there, try springs. I took a minute and did a rough add, and came up with more than 60 variations on a 350 lb/in spring and this doesn't include progressive and two-step. We try to stock a reasonable quantity of items that seem popular; and can get whatever you need, promptly.

What is your warranty?
Since Leading Edge cannot control how products and services sold and/or developed through this web-site will be installed, used and maintained, we cannot accept any responsibility for problems during installation or use of any of the products and/or services offered here. Leading Edge will endeavor to give assistance and/or reasonable product replacement in the event of problems. However, if you don't like any product you buy from us, send it back (in good condition) and we'll provide a complete refund. Our braking products and systems are designed and developed for competition use and cannot be warranted. The purchaser therefore agrees to hold Leading Edge harmless from any liability.

Jacking down the car in the rear gives you more speed for qualifying, right?
Yes, to a point. When you start losing controllability because you no longer have that last damping effect from the shocks, and if you're scrubbing speed because you're bottoming-out, that's not going to be the fastest way around the race-track. Any time you turn -- or wrestle with -- the steering wheel, you lose speed because you're not applying all of your power directly to moving forward. Physics is physics.

Why can't I buy directly from your store?
Many items take a more detailed discussion with you to find out your needs, applications, what type of car, etc. In these cases, just email us that you're interested in one of the products and we'll call you back at our expenses.

For items that do not need discussion, you can order directly, by sending us a fax or email.

We do not take credit card information through the site because there is no way to guarantee credit card security on the Internet. We also do not want to record any credit card information that might be available to hackers, should they get into our site. Therefore, we're happy to call you back and take your payment information over the phone, or by fax.

We apologize if you find this inconvenient, but we prefer to maintain your -- and our -- security in the best way we know how.

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