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Racecar Engineering and independent tests prove Royal Purple performance

Website: (http://www.royalpurple.com/dragracer1/dragracer1p1.shtml)
Racecar Engineering looks at Lubricants (November 2003)

The latest issue of Racecar Engineering asks “What should you look for in an oil?” After a brief discussion of the impact of Petronas on the Formula 1 Sauber team, they say, “Let’s now move from a company providing bespoke lubricants for one particular Formula 1 team to a motorsport oil supplier, US company, Royal Purple… The article cites Royal Purple’s tribology test which showed a 17.5% lower static friction compared to s competitor’s premium brand and a 78.7% lower dynamic friction during the test.

More Royal Purple results

One of our Royal Purple dealers (specializing in motorcycles) is in the powder coating business. He reports using Royal Purple grease on the wheels of the carts used to roll parts in and out of the powder coat baking oven. Royal Purple is the only lubricant that stands up to the 400-500F degree temperatures – with every other alternative John has had to repack the wheel bearings on the oven cart after every session.

“To see the difference between mineral-based and synthetic fluids, we enlisted the help of Scott Crouse's '65 Mercury Comet. With a hot 347, World Class T5 manual transmission, and 4.11 geared 9-inch rear axle, it's a rolling torture chamber for vital fluids. First we made a series of runs on the dyno with 20W50 in the crankcase, Dexron III in the gearbox, and 75W90 gear oil in the TracLoc differential. The result was 408.3 horse-power and 405.1 lb-ft of torque. Then we drained the petro-chemicals and replaced them with Royal Purple: 7 quarts of 20W50 synthetic engine oil, 6 quarts of Max ATF, and 2 ½ quarts of Max Gear 75W90. After a 5-mile jaunt to get everything up to the same temperature as the baseline test, we let it rip. The monitor read 418.4 hp and 411.2 lb-ft of torque, a gain of 10.1 hp and 6.1 lb-ft just by switching to synthetics; an impressive tribute to the reduced coefficient of friction. We've seen similar improvements on the engine dyno, and have noted reduced wear through the use of synthetics. They're a bunch more expensive, but in our opinion, they're worth it for cars you care about.” -- Steve Magnante, Hot Rod Magazine (http://www.royalpurple.com/retart0208/page1.shtml)

“High-performance racing motor oils have traditionally been the domain of professional racers. However, with today's computer-controlled, high-performance road machines, motorists need a high-performance motor oil that can protect those expensive multiple valve trains and lightweight alloy engine components, too! Not surprisingly, high-performance synthetic motor oils like Royal Purple High Performance Racing Oils meet and exceed those requirements and delivers performance and economy in the bargain. "Our racing oils have always been popular with hardcore racers,” says Royal Purple director of communications Mark McFann. ”But now it appears as though word of mouth has gotten street performance enthusiasts interested in them as well." -- Bob McClurg, Drag Racer

Even Mobil 1 is now talking about a 0-weight synthetic. Good! The more education about synthetics' performance-enhancements due to better flow without breakdown in lighter and lighter weights, the better for those who understand how Royal Purple outperforms in this area!

Leading Edge adds Hylomar sealants

Website: www.hylomar.com
Leading Edge is now an official dealer for Hylomar silicones and Universal Blue sealants, which are available in several weights.

Many decades ago, while searching for a flexible gasket material, an aerospace friend made a material then used by Rolls Royce for their aircraft turbines available. That was Hylomar. Many development cycles later, that substance is now available here and is the perfect answer for gaskets, thread and other sealant applications. Hylomar silicones have been used since 1975 to seal millions of engines on the production lines of major OEMs as well as OEM dealer networks and worldwide to the aftermarket. Hylomar silicones can be found in production line applications on Ford, GM, Rover, Daewoo, Mercedes, Landrover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, as well as at major heavy equipment manufacturers such as John Deere, JCB, and Perkins. The newest is "Hylomar 532 Silicone Sealant"

Leading Edge Offers Shock Dyno Testing

Leading Edge Motorsport offers shock dyno testing on the new Roehrig dyno purchased last fall. Rates are: $50 per shock for non-adjustable multi-speed run $75 per shock for single-speed shocks $125 per shock for two-speed shocks $150 per shock for three-speed shocks $175 for basic rebuild with Penske rebuild kit, new oil and dyno check run More extensive testing is available at $100 per hour of dyno time. Leading Edge is an authorized Penske Racing Shock sales and service facility. Other shock services also available.

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