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It's not just a horsepower story anymore. As the top racing teams and drivers demonstrate, the best motor in the world isn't going to do it if you're not translating power to the contact patch. A good suspension which properly controls weight transfer in the corners, and good brakes to maximize the potential you can get out of that corner -- can spell the difference between winning and losing.

Suspension & Chassis

    You can improve control by setting up your suspension so that when the weight is transferred it is translated into more of a vertical load which gives the outside tires grip, than a lateral load pushing the car sideways. Geometry helps the suspension set up do this: you can improve the downforce on your tires by lowering the front and rear roll centers. You can also gain better control and handling by changing the spring rates, and response rate of your shocks. For example, using stiffer springs might seem contradictory if you want to increase body roll. But most stock springs are much too soft, and stiffer springs let the car respond more quickly to driver inputs and gives the car a "crisper" feel. The solution you're really looking for is better control of all components, including the driver. You should also understand that the tested weight of the springs you use isn't what your corners see. Wheel rate -- which is a function of the spring rate times the proprotion of the distance from the spring seat and the wheel and the total length of your suspension arm -- is the mathematical expression of the actual spring rate of your suspension in motion. The trade-offs, between spring and wheel rate and the geometry of your suspension, are what Leading Edge Motorsport can help you decide.

Braking Systems

    Better brakes give you an edge in cornering. But there's a limit to how much brake your suspension components and tires can take. There's also a limit as to how much brake you can fit inside your wheels. In many racing applications, the wheel size is dictated by class rules. In club speed events, the size of wheel you can fit in your wheel well is the limiting factor -- unless you consider modifications to the fender Our solutions for the BMW E30 body, for example, have resulted in a complete re-design of the strut and hat, to fit the calipers, rotors and 16" wheels on the original body.

Driver-Car Interface

    New hardware is only as good as the driver's ability to direct the outcome of the system dynamics. This is especially obvious on a familiar racetrack when you go to try out your new toys and find yourself looping it. In addition to direction on driver position, seats, harnesses and safety gear, Leading Edge offers on-site coaching and telemetry to show you where you lifted -- and where you should have. You'd be amazed at the performance you can get from your car when you are solidly locked in the most comfortable and efficient driving position, instead of sliding around in your seat and tensing your muscles to hold you in the corners.

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