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To get more out of your suspension, your braking system, your driving position and style -- documentation of every step you take is critical. Each time you change something in an inherently dynamic system, you change the end result. A steering and suspension project should involve a good deal of engineering, and a lengthy conversation (and analysis session) with your expert, if you're going to manage the compromises intelligently for your needs.

Scales and Calculations

So, what tools and information do you need in order to analyze what you have and what you need to change?
First you need to weigh your car on a good set of electronic scales. Although many tracks offer you a one-time, get-in-line scaling for total weight, you should ideally spend a minimum of an hour -- preferably more -- on the scales, getting cross weights and corner weights, with and without the driver, seeing what happens when you shift things around. Each time you make a change you want to check the numbers again.
Once you have those numbers on your set-up sheet, and compare them to either your class rules or the manufacturer's specs, you'll have an idea of where you need work in order to get the lead out (or in.) Incidentially, this is just as valid for a street car as a race car.


For those of you with Porsches, here are the spring rate conversions: Porsche Motorsport Adjustable seat spring rates

Blue 1342 1438 1536 1633

Yellow 1542 1639 1742 1827

White 1621 1701 1793 1901

Red 1690 1781 1742 1827

To begin a conversation about your specific peformance needs, click on Set-Up Sheet and request the set up sheet form for a custom analysis.
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