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Leading Edge Motorsport provides vehicle dynamics engineering. Suspension super-tuning is the focal point for performance. While horsepower, aerodynamics and wheel-tire combinations are hot topics of conversation, dynamic systems and the engineering to produce the desired results in the suspension, brakes and set-up -- are more rarely considered. You hear less about suspension modifications and the relationship among shock settings, brake size, sidewall and roll stiffness than you do about engine mods and tire size.

Performance still boils down to the contact patches: those four paperback-sized places where your rubber meets the road. Whatever you do to increase the effectiveness of those contact patches, improves performance. Leading Edge Motorsport is in the business of helping you sort that out.

It is our belief that you can't turn a really fast lap without proper vehicle dynamics; and you can't get the performance that's possible from your suspension components without the right set-up. Since your set-up should change each time you change a component (bump or rebound settings on your shocks, spring rate, balance/weight distribution, wheel rate and tire stiffness, track conditions, driver style) the only way you can predict the performance under any set of variables is to test -- and record the data -- against your expectations.

Our vehicle dynamics engineering and analysis services help you understand and quantify the variables under any given set of conditions and measurement environments.

Off-track, in consultation online and over the phone, we can help you maximize your set-up by guiding you through the selection of components (brakes, springs, shocks, tires) and set-up geometry that deliver the results you want.

OFFTRACK Leading Edge provides these services at $150 per hour (for time beyond initial assessment):

-- Consultation on brake and suspension set-up. In addition to track days, we can provide assessment services online and by phone, for dialing in new set-ups and trouble-shooting.

-- Suspension engineering, including spring and shock selection, setup geometry (caster, camber, toe, kingpin, Ackerman), steering ratio selection, wheel and tire options.

-- Shock absorber tuning: Leading Edge will assess and critique the effectiveness of your shocks for your needs as described to us. Services include dyno runs on our Roehrig and rebuilds ($175 for a basic rebuild includes 2 dyno runs: "as received" and after rebuild.)

-- Brake system engineering: analysis of your needs with regard to weight, speed and your class regs. Selection of caliper size, brake pad compound, rotor and hydraulics for your situation. Full design and engineering of braking systems and online/ telephone consultations.

TRACK DAYS When we work with you at the track, we start with understanding what you have and what you want, some assumptions about your car, the track and knowledge of the components and then we watch, usually from a critical corner.

After several test laps, we bring the car in for driver debrief and set-up modificaitons based on what we've observed. And then you go out again, while we keep detailed data logs of every adjustment we've made. Only this kind of documentation allows you to repeat -- or modify -- your set-up with any confidence.

Leading Edge offers trackside assessment and "supertuning" for $1500 per day plus expenses. Services include:

-- Track test days: Leading Edge spends the day with the team, helping you determine set-up for that particular track and expected conditions.

-- Product test days: The opportunity to evaluate new components (shocks, springs, brakes) in less stressful environments than race qualifying or practice sessions.

-- Test and practice for a specific event: when Leading Edge joins a team for a specific race event, we use the practice sessions to build an optimal set-up and help focus the driver(s) for qualifying and the race. One advantage of having spent 15+ years behind the wheel of various racecars is that we bring that track knowledge as well as our product and engineering expertise to these sessions.

-- Timed eventing: advice on driving and for documentaiton of performance after modifications to brakes, suspension or driver safety systems.

The best way to tackle set-up is to start the conversation. Send us an email (strout@lemd.com) or call us at 603-772-1835.

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