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PR Marketing book gets rave reviews

We published Public Relations Marketing: Making a Splash Without Much Cash in 1999. Still in print from Entrepreneurs Press, here are some unsolicited comments from reviewers:

From Donna Gray, www.bookreview.com "Must Read!" Public Relations Marketing - Making a Splash Without Much Cash by Stephanie Seacord absolutely should be on the book shelf of every small business owner. Just the fact that it walks one through important steps for making a business visable should be reason enough, however, it's also full of good ideas for public relations opportunities. I read this book a second time, with a highlighter and post-it-notes at the ready, because there are so many good tips that I didn't want to miss even one of them.

This would be perfect gift for anyone with business growth plans, a mentors gift for the business they're working with, a gift for a small business to give itself. It's an enjoyable way to learn how to use PR like the pro's.

Stephanie Seacord presents a clear, well written guidebook for success in public relations marketing. Get the book and have fun positioning your business or organization for top of mind presence through public relations marketing.

From ww.profitclinic.com:

Every now and then we come across a book of exceptional value to small business entrepreneurs. When we do, and it proves to be as good as the blurb on the cover or the brochure promises, we’ll consider reviewing it here. If it turns out to be even better than the blurb, we'll review it. If we review it, you can take it for granted that we recommend it, without reservation. We regard it as a must-have, or it doesn't appear.

That said, this review for Public Relations Marketing: “For any small business owner looking to promote like crazy, without spending like an idiot, this useful, useful, useful book is a revelation — and the key to Aladdin’s cave!

“Take it from one who rarely spends a cent on ads, yet has built global credibility and awareness for his own business using these same tricks of the trade… this book is every media advertising sales manager’s worst nightmare come true. That alone makes it one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Stephanie Seacord knows all the lurks and perks that make PR, when used intelligently as a marketing tool, many times more effective than advertising — and at a fraction of the cost.”

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