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Welcome to the Leading Edge Marketing Case Histories. These PR marketing campaigns and projects showcase our capabilities and demonstrate some of the best creative Leading Edge thinking at work.


Portsmouth Peace Treaty Centennial

2005 marked the 100th anniversary of the negotiations in Portsmouth NH that brought an end to the Russo-Japanese War. Many historians call the conflict "World War Zero" because of its mechanized slaughter of troops on both sides.

For thirty days in August-September 1905, Russian emissary Sergius Witte and Japanese plenipotentiary Jutaro Komura met in Portsmouth at the invitation of President Theodore Roosevelt who would win the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize for bringing the two adversaries together.

The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Centennial, created by a Committee of individuals representing local cultural and civic organizations, celebrarated the role of the ordinary citizens of the Seacoast who, in combination with the formal diplomacy conducted at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and the back-channel diplomatic efforts by Roosevelt at Oyster Bay NY and his diplomats in Tokyo and St. Petersburg, won the peace. In Portsmouth in 1905 -- and in 2005 -- an uncommon commitment to peace became a common virtue.

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Portsmouth Peace Treaty Centennial

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